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Website Of The Year: #1

Creative Solution of the Year 2020

LISN is a stunning example of implementing an excellent idea with a demanding and superb user experience. LISN provides a service that can pretty much say what they say about successful initiatives: "Uh, well, how many times have I said that I should do one." Yes, the market needed it and yet here it is. The team of the Website of the Year wants even more demanding Hungarian initiatives and the best for the team.

Meet Attila,
the voice of your blog!

Watch the video to show you how your site's visitors behave and what potential your content has. Join the future o content marketing with us; the director's chair is now YOURS!

Built-in player:
Elegant and effective

LISN player displays a solid and unmistakable icon on your website. The "Listenable Content" icon will automatically appear when your audio article is ready.

All-In-One Audio Marketing Platform

You'll have a complete control panel at your disposal. Upload your article, rewrite the text, choose your brand's voice, and measure your audio content's efficiency!

  • Built-in player
  • Audio storage and hosting
  • Listening statistics
LISN dashboard

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our user's opinions reflect what LISN is all about.
LISN dashboard

Be Data-Driven
and build your audience!

Measurable reading and listening rates and likes

  • Data on Page-views
  • Downloading statistics
  • Measuring likes

Voice Actors
Professionals who bring your content alive.

You will receive a customized price for your article directly from the voice actors gathered at the marketplace.
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Connect with your users through their playlists.
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  • Unlimited content upload (with your own voice)
  • Audio track for each uploaded article
  • Unlimited Playback
  • Built-in Player
  • Embeddable audio track

Coming Soon..

more useful features!
  • Buy audio track
  • Playlists
  • Public brand page
  • Mobile Application
  • Data analysis and reports